With WiNGOLF you can download data for the course of your choice by following these simple steps. Let’s get started!


Golf Course Search

Select Area and golf facility and press [Search] button

Start Play

Select golf facility and press [Start Play] button

Select Course

[Select Course of Play] will be displayed. Press course name to start play.

Download data for the course of your choice and color-map layout images of each hole will be displayed.
Move from the start hole to the next hole by sliding your finger from left to right.
Check the image below for an overview of the basic functions and features of NAVIGATION MODE.

Adjustment Line

Matches direction of course map to your actual current direction

The dark orange arrow shows the direction of the pin, and the light orange arrow shows the direction your device is facing. When the arrows overlap the arrow becomes blue, indicating that your device is facing towards the pin. This function allows you to easily determine pin direction.

Shot Radar

Displays distance and direction to the green and hazards

When the Adjustment Line turns blue, Shot Radar will display the exact direction of the pin. Distance and direction to the green and hazards are displayed radar-like style up to a 50 degree angle in increments of 50 yards. This function is a powerful tool for navigating blind holes.

Current Position

Uses GPS to display your current position The dot shows your current position and the arrow from the dot shows pin direction.

SIMULATION MODE(Virtual Golf Mode) allows you to display data for the course you select without actually being there. Where should you aim your drive? Should you use a lay-up shot? You can improve your score and cut your play time by planning your game beforehand with this function.


Set your virtual position by tapping the screen. Use Shot Radar to calculate the approximate distance and plan where and how far to aim your first shot.


Tap the screen again to move your virtual position to the predicted landing point of your first shot. In this way you can plan your play for each course.