Open GRAIN reader and hold your phone at knee-height facing the pin.
Face your phone towards the cup.

Press START and hold 1 seconds.
GRAIN reader will shoot the green
and show your grain reading.

The arrows show the direction of
the grain. The number of arrows indicates roughness.

Open SLOPE reader. Point your phone
towards the pin standing at the spot
to be analyzed and press START.

Just place the phone on the ground
parallel to your putt line, and SLOPE reader will show your slope reading in 1 seconds.
Face your phone towards the cup.

The degree of slope is indicated by number and color, and direction by arrow. The shaded area gives a feel for the degree of slope.
Slopes over 21 degrees indicated by [?]

Shoot the green as with
GRAIN reader.

Analyze the slope as with
SLOPE reader.

PUTT reader will show your reading for both slope AND grain!